Restrained Love Viewer for second life

Greetings to visitors from Second Life. It is our honor to host Marine Kelley's Restrained Love Viewer. We are a big fan and love the way the viewer enhances the bondage experience in Second Life.

The Restrained Love Viewer (formerly known as "Restrained Life Viewer") for Second Life will make your restraints un-detachable and other restrictive measures. You may want to right click and select "Save target as..." depending on your browser.

Download the viewer now:


1. This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

2. Marine Kelley does not provide individual support either, but does her best to keep this software in good shape.

3. This Viewer does not add unnecessary load on the servers of Second Life, and does not contain any code that is intended to harm the Second Life Grid or any of its Residents.

4. This Viewer is aimed at providing Second Life scripts the ability to restrict some abilities such as chatting, teleporting, detaching objects and so on, therefore its behaviour may seem a bit surprising for the new user at first. This is normal and its primary purpose, and is in no way intended to spoil the fun of the user, on the contrary.

5. This Viewer does not contain any pornographic or any shocking content in itself. It can be seen as Mature instead of Adult-only, and used in non Adult-rated projects. However, due to its particular nature, it is bound to be used by Second Life objects that are meant for non-PG purposes.

Privacy Policy

This Viewer, the RLV, does not send your personal information to anyone including Marine Kelley, nor compromise any of your assets. It does not log any more information (personal or public) than the regular SL viewer does.

The download page is owned by the owner of, which is a reputable and well-established website. This website does log your IP to collect traffic statistics (as any website does), but none of these statistics are transmitted to Marine Kelley or the RLV in any way. The website and the RLV are totally separate products and do not communicate with each other at any level.

The official page of the RLV ( is a blog, currently hosted on Blogspot which is owned by Google. Marine Kelley cannot be held responsible for the nature of the information Blogspot collects from you.

Marine Kelley makes a point to publish on the official page an electronic signature of the Windows installer that is hosted on That way you are able to verify that none of the two websites have been compromised, and that you are really downloading what you think you are downloading. To view the signature of the installer you download, open a command prompt and run the "fciv" program (look it up on Google if you do not have it on your hard drive). For example, you can type the following command :

fciv c:\downloads\RestrainedLoveSetup.exe


Web page style courtesy of Lois Tyler.